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Easy to play memory card game by the author of as-Solitaire: Andreas Sauer. Uses standard .rkp card sets. Included in newer versions of as-Solitaire. Req.: Windows (all). Freeware.  - (338 kb)  -  SMG .rkp card set no.1 - (600 kb)  -  SMG .rkp card set no.2 - (647 kb)  -  Lucy Lawless .rkp card set - (651 kb)

screenshot as-Memory 800x600

Double Cards 1.11

Classic memory card game. Play against humans or computer (up to eight players in single games and you can select computer IQ). Different difficulty levels. Create  your own sets (bmp/jpg). Req.: Win9x/NT/2000/XP and soundcard. Shareware ($ 10). Ursiny Communications Inc.  -  Double Cards 1.11 - (908 kb)  -  Nine (!) Sarah M. Gellar card sets -  (2.1 MB)

screenshot Double Cards 657x442

Easy Memory 5.20 -

Play against friends or the computer, several levels (find two or three or more identical cards), play online, sounds, preview mode, more than 30 sets available, create your own sets (jpg/gif). Freeware. Java applet (play in your browser). Author: Bruno Berenguer

  Sexy Memory - online adult themed version  -  Easy Memory 5.20 - (471 kb)  -  SMG card set - (642 kb)

screenshot Easy Memory800x576

Screenshot from v. 4.46

Moraff's Cyber Memory 6.51

Fourteen board sizes (3x3 up to 9x6), one or two player mode, full screen or windowed, MIDI music. Shareware ($ 15). Moraff's site. Req.: Windows (all).

Uses Moraff's MahJongg tile sets. Best viewed with the 128x128 set.  -  All 3 Moraff's MahJongg tile sets - (1.2 mb)

cybermemory6.51.exe  -  Moraff's Cyber Memory 6.51 - (3,7 mb)

screenshot Cyber Memory 800x600

 Kyodai MahJongg's Memory game

And don't forget that  Kyodai MahJongg have a mini-game called Memory... where you can use the Sarah Michelle Gellar tile set.

Please see the tile set page.
Kyodai MeahJonggs Memory game

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