These tile sets are for the solitaire tile-matching variant of MahJongg (also called Shanghai, Taipei etc.)  

Kyodai MahJongg 2006 1.42

2D and 3D mode, several mini-games, hall of fame, tile highlights, many layouts, oriental music, backgrounds, sound effects, layout  editor, music, multi-lingual (27 translations), several mini-games.

Author: Reni-Gilles Deberdt.
Shareware ($ 23) Req: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, DirectX 8.1. Screenshots from v. 19.80

screenshot Kyodai 3D Solitaire 800x600
Solitaire 3D

screenshot Kyodai 2D Solitaire 800x600
Solitaire 2D

Kyodai tile sets can also be used in:

screenshot Kyodai Kumika 800x600

screenshot Kyodai Memory 800x600

kyo2006v1.42.exe  -  Kyodai MahJongg 2006 1.42
               (14,2 mb)  -  Tile sets (2 small and one
               large) - (1 MB) 

screenshot Kyodai Rivers 800x600

screenshot Kyodai Slider 800x600

screenshot Kyodai - Preview of large tileset 800x600
Preview large tile set

screenshot Kyodai Hashira 800x600

screenshot Kyodai Clicks 800x600


Moraff's MahJongg Games

Moraff's games are pretty similar (built on
the same code).  Several tile sets,
backgrounds, MIDI-music, hint, undo,
different tile layouts, statistics.

Home site: Software Diversion. Shareware ($ 19).
Req: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP)

Newer versions available at the homepage (but they are in fact no better than these)

Sarah tilesets for Moraffs  -  All 3 tile sets -  (1.2 MB)
Make Tile Utility  -  Make-Tile utility (355 kb)

morejongg75.exe   - More Jongg v. 7.50 (9.5 MB)
3djongg25.exe   - 3D Jongg 2.50 (4,3 MB)
yourjongg25.exe   - Your Jongg 2.5 (4,9 MB)

MoraffsMahJongg1.1.exe   - Moraffs MahJongg 1.1  (9,1 MB)

screenshot More Jongg (128x128) 800x600
Moraff's MoreJongg 128x128

screenshot 3D Jongg 800x600
Moraff's 3D Jong 128x128

screenshot Your Jongg (128x154) 800x600
Moraff's Your Jongg 128x154 Tall/Portrait

screenshot Your Jongg (146x96) 800x600
Your Jongg 146x96 Wide / Landscape

mjk100.exe Mah Jongg Klondike 1.00 (982 kb) - My second Klondike card game (based on the same code). It has the 'look and feel' of the tile-matching solitaire mahjongg game 'Kyodai'. For more information, visit my Solitaire MahJongg site and check it out in the 'Other' section. Solitaire MahJongg

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