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  • Indeed a very nice card set (Andreas Sauer, author of as-Solitaire)
  • Very good. You are drop dead good (Per Christian Nygård) *
  • I think it's [the website] great (Joachim Løvf)*
  • Cool card sets (Nemi)*
  • I like your game cards allot,...your cards are great (Roger M. Milne)
  • Nice pages you have made, sweet girl too... (Fritjof Østlie)*
  • You have a nice set of Buffy cards [to Wiz Solitaire] (Patricia Young)
  • ... - great idea!! (Miha Psenica)
  • Very nice work! (Rob)
  • I think the pages are very nice. Totally awesome! And: a pat on the back. Well done. (Heidi Ryan)*
  • I love your Lucy cards! ('Priestess Charis')
  • Cool (Pam Gandy)
  • Wow, you site is very good (Satus Manus)
  • Nice site (Gabor Kertes)
  • This site is fantastic! (Vampiro)
  • Looks good, nice collection card games an decks (Afkamm)
  • Gratulation, this site is gooooooood! (Andrew from Hungary)
  • Great job !!! Thanks (Antoine Murzeau)
  • Your work is excellent! Congratulations for the amazing quality (Giorgos, greece)
  • Love the pics (Sweet Andy Licious)
  • This is sooo...!!.... (Cristal656)
  • Awesome site (Erin)
  • itz cool anyway, nice background (Murray Thor)
  • Nice Cardset, always liked buffy (Wolfgang Tischer)



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* translated from Norwegian

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