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as-Solitaire 10.11.2002 (v.8)


Solitaire collection with 41 games. Reko/rkp compatible. High score, backgrounds,  active card set author. Freeware. Req.: DirectX 7.0 and 800x600/16bit. Also made 'RekoView' (a tool to create rkp card sets). Amiga version available. Author: Andreas Sauer (homepage)

as021110.exe  -  as-Solitaire 10112002 (1.4 MB)
RekoView  -  RekoView - rkp card set creator (661 kb)
rkp 1  -  SMG .rkp card set no.1 - (628 kb)
rkp 2  -  SMG .rkp card set no.2 - (677 kb)

screenshot as-Solitaire 800x600

AS - Spider 1.3, AS - Black Majority 1.3 and

AS - Spider & Black Majority 1.0 (VB5 version)


With Asus V3400TNT or V3800 TNT with TV in, you can watch TV in the background (through the game). Top list, card maker included. 1999. Freeware. Req.: Win9X/NT (800x600, 1024x768 recommended). Author: Aki Suuronen (homepage) 

as-games  - all three AS games - (3.2 MB)
smg cardset  - SMG card set - (939 kb)


screenshot AS-Black Majority 1024x744

Bikini Solitaire (Wyvern)

10 solitaire games. The game features a number of beautiful women in bikinis. 8 different 'bikini' decks. Tutorial. MIDI soundtrack or use the built-in CD player. Create your own decks from .jpg pictures. Freeware (abandonware). Author: Paul McCarl (Wyvern). Req.: Win9x/NT/2000. 

Bikini Solitaire   - Bikini Solitaire - (4.0 MB)
smg cardset to bikini solitaire  -  Sarah Michelle Gellar card deck (640 kb)

screenshot Bikini Solitaire 800x600

Hardwood Solitaire II : The enchanted decks


12 solitaire games, high score, "enchanting graphics" with 16 millions colors, music and playlist, sound effects, Deck Press maker. Shareware. Req.: Win95+, 16MB RAM. Only registered users can use external decks. From Silver Creek Entertainment

hardwood2.exe  -  Hardwood Solitaire II - (2.8 MB)
deckpress.exe  -  Deck Press (2.7 MB)
sarah deck  -  SMG card set - (706 kb) 

The card set can also be used in Hardwood Solitaire III

screenshot Hardwood Solitaire II 800x576

John Bicker's 'Patience for Windows' 1.01.007


Plays Patience (no surprise there :-)). Reko/rkp compatible or bitmap decks. Minimum req.: Win3.1+. Shareware (20 -1996) - Abandonware. Author: John Bickers, New Zealand. No homepage or e-mail address available or known.  -  John Bicker's Patience - (39 kb)  -  SMG .rkp card set no.1 - (628 kb)  -  SMG .rkp card set no.2 - (677 kb)

screenshot John Bicker's Patience 648x488

Cardgames Deluxe 6.1.2

11 games (Klondike, Quatro, Findit, Memory, Freecell, Pyramid,  Spider,  Hanoi, Golf, Canfield, Agnes). Klondike and Spider have three dificulty levels. Background colours can be changed, or use a background picture. MP3 jukebox, load / save games, cardset creator and cardsetviewer. 4 cardsets format (256 colour, 32 kb colour, 24 bit (88x130) and a 24bit 176x260 cardset).Also supported are Wiz Solitaire deck and all Amiga-cardsets.

Former 'REKO Klondike Deluxe'. Freeware. Req.: 95/98/ME/NT/W2K/XP. Amiga and DOS versions. 2010. REKO Productions homepage.

cardgames_6.1.2.exe  -  Cardgames Deluxe 6.1.2 - (5,7 MB)  -  SMG .rkp card set no.1 - (628 kb)  -  SMG .rkp card set no.2 - (677 kb)


Mike's Cards 2.01

166 solitaire card games. Create and save your own solitaire games, customizable graphics and sound, rules, statistics, resizable. Create your own decks. Req.: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. Mac version available. Shareware ($ 25). Author: Mike Sedore  -  Mike's Cards 2.01 - (2.6 MB)
SarahForMikes  -  SMG card deck - - (1.2 MB)
SMGellar.sit  -  SMG card deck - For MAC OS - SMGellar.sit - (1.2 MB)
                 (converted by James Vipond)

screenshot Mike's Cards 800x576

Screenshot from v. 1.81

Solitaire City 2.02


10 Solitaire games with 45 variations, excellent graphics, net high score, jpg/bmp backgrounds, sounds, colorful card graphics in three sizes, MIDI. Deck maker: Solitaire Setty 1.03f (freeware). Req.: Win 95/98/ ME/NT/2000/XP. Also versions for PalmOS and PocketPC. Author: Pete Wiseman. Shareware ($ 23). Homepage .

2011: Solitaire City has reached v. 4.02. You can still use my cardsets, but most convert them in the new Solitaire Setty 2.0. Convert into "Large" format.

SolCity_202.exe  -  Solitaire City 2.02 (7,54 MB)
Deck Editor  -  Solitaire Setty 1.03f (3.5 MB)
cardset  -  SMG card set - (1.6 MB)
face cards  -  SMG card set (face cards only) - (568 kb)

screenshot Solitaire City 800x576

SolKan Solitaire 3.0/4.0

200 solitaire card games. Make your own games, resizable cards, customizable backgrounds- facecards-cardbacks, automove. Shareware ($ 20). 1999. Req.: Win31+. Author: John Kanold (site dead 2004, game abandonware)

SolKan Solitaire 4.0  -  SolKan Solitaire 4.0 (1.2 MB)
SolKan Solitaire 3.0  -  SolKan Solitaire 3.0 (424 kb)
SMG card set  -  SMG card set - (1.8 MB)

On my PC the SMG card set works better in v.3.0 than in v.4.0. What will work on your computer, I don't know...

A version claiming to be SolKan Solitaire 6.0 is available. I'm sceptical; on my PC I only got an error message and in the title it says v. 4.00. See screenshot.

screenshot SolKan Solitaire 800x576

Wiz Solitaire 1.12

A collection of 15 solitaire card games. Create and use decks with your favorite .jpg pictures. Deck Editor included. Also support for rkp/reko card sets. Use your own images as background. Freeware ("giftware"). Later versons are shareware. Java version also available (1,4 mb). Req.: Win9x/NT/2000/XP - Author: Simone Tellini's homepage

WizSolitaire_1.12.exe  - Wiz Solitaire 1.12 (2,6 MB)
SMG card set - SMG card set - ( 949 kb)


screenshot Wiz Solitaire 767x588



First version of a new tile-matching solitaire mahjongg game with the unique ability to use both Kyodai tilesets and .rkp/reko card sets.

Shows Kyodai tilesets very well, but the rkp/reko support is still not 100%.

Features: High score, hint, undo, restart. Only standard layout.

Author: Andreas Sauer (homepage

as-mahjongg.exe  -  as-mahjongg.exe (791 kb)  -  SMG .rkp card set no.1 - (650 kb)  -  SMG .rkp card set no.2 - (647 kb)

kyodai tilesets  -  Tile sets (2 small and one large) - (1 MB)

Sarah Michelle Gellar .rkp card set

Sarah Michelle Gellar kyodai tileset

Solitaire Heroes 1.04

Excellent solitaire game with Klondike (3 variations) & Spider (6 variations). Features: Switchable zooming of selected cards for higher resolution and quality, colored highlights of possible and impossible moves, undo & redo. Can use both reko/rkp card sets and 'Pretty Good Solitaire' card sets. It's possible to switch cardset without game interruption. English & German language. Shareware (8 ). 2004. Author: Wolfgang Tischer  -  Solitaire Heroes 1.04 (6,2 mb)  -  SMG .rkp card set no.1 - (650 kb)  -  SMG .rkp card set no.2 - (647 kb)


A note about rkp/reko card sets

Once upon a time... there was an Amiga Solitaire card game called Klondike Amiga (AGA). Their maker REKO Productions made it possible for users to make their own card sets from BMP pictures. Later they developed a dos version and a windows version. The windows versions can use all 750+ card sets (reko) made for the Amiga and over 150 (rkp) made especially for the pc version. Several other  windows Solitaire card games now uses rkp card sets also. For a list over all available card sets, please visit the archives at RekoNet

Update: RekoNet is 'branching out' and now also contains non-reko card sets for download. They have begun with WizSolitaire and Soliton (Amiga) card sets. The goal is to became "SolitaireNet".

Screenshot from the second SMG .rkp card set  
Screenshot from the first SMG .rkp card set HERE


screenshot rkp card set no.2 (782x1037)

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