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Sarah Michelle Gellar Solitaire
Sarah Michelle Gellar Solitaire 1.00
Easy to play Klondike card game with pictures
of Sarah Michelle Gellar. Freeware
Card sets / decks
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 Card sets / decks to eleven freeware / shareware Solitaire card games
Tile sets
mahjongg tile sets
Tile sets to the solitaire tile-matching games 'Kyodai' and 'Moraff's'
Memory card sets
memory card sets
Card sets to four freeware / shareware concentration-type Memory card games

Jigsaw puzzles
25 free jigsaws puzzles
 25 jigsaw puzzles with pictures of Sarah you can run & play on the computer

Lucy Lawless
Lucy lawless solitaire card sets
 Lucy Lawless ('Xena') card sets to Wiz Solitaire other .rkp compatible games

Online Solitaire
online Solitaire games
 Play Solitaire collections online (java applets), one Klondike game also with pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
10. March 1997 - 20. May 2003

She saved the world a lot
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Sarah Michelle Gellar

born April 14th, 1977 in New York City), height: 5'2", eyes: green, hair color: dark brown (naturally).

Married to actor Freddie Prinze jr

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Sarah Michelle Gellar - IMDB

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Wikipedia

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