07.07.2011: Updated information about Cardgames Deluxe (former REKO Klondike Deluxe) and some new screenshots. Tested cardsets/tilesets in newer versions of games. Changed readme-files in all own downloads. Removed guestbook. Included new comments, link check and site maintenance, 123.500 visits since 30. april 2003 (motigo webstat counter). (v.4.00)


19.02.2006: Added 'Solitaire Heroes' & 'as-MahJongg', updated information about other games, new URL (farewell Google PageRank 4...),included new awards (hilarius!) and comments, new links, more direct downloads of games, and a "million" other changes and fixes, URL check, and other enhancements. 197.000 visists since 17.05.2002 (flash counter), 64.000 visits since 30. april 2003 (webstat counter). (v.3.20)


09.07.2005: Site mainteneance [I know I should upgrade SMG Solitaire to v.1.02 (including german language) and make a lot of new cardsets - but I really doesn't have the time :-( ]. Links check/change, bug fixes, added several comments, added awards/ratings from GeekFiles, SoftLists, Free Trial Downloads, Softlists, Byte-flow,  Fast Download, Maxx Download, SoftChecker, Criticalfiles, Acidfiles, SoftDLL. Added more links to my other sites (v.3.11)

21.09.2004: A minor site maintenance update, link checks, links change, added a comment, added PCSoftland 5/5 rating (hilarious!), removed dmoz.org link, added Caiman games link (v.3.1)
23.07.2004: Site maintenance, link checks, added two comments, added as-mahjongg info, removed a dead counter, some minor changes (v.3.09)
29.03.2004: Information about error messages about MSCOMCTL.OCX (v. 3.08b)
28.03.2004: Maintenance upgrade. Removed links to Marc Lesselberg's Stuff for Kyodai (dead), added 5 star rating at Soft32.com, 3,5 of 5 stars at Filecart.com, 'Cool' award at Softicer.com, new link to RekoNet, new link to Afkamm's Hardwood Solitaire decks, added another comment, and several link changes (v.3.08)
22.02.2004: Updated the online Patience Pack to v. 7.0. Solitaire City now also for Palm OS handhelds. Added a new comment. Removed King Sol as a possibility for a new card set (now longer a feature in the game). Added link to my Chinese Checkers / Halma site (v. 3.07)


30.11.03: Some small maintenance changes, updated information about WizSolitaire 1.6 and Mike's Cards 2.01, and added a new comment (v.3.06), 
01.10.03: Several small enhancement, removed a lot of direct download links to games (sorry) due to lack of server space, added two comments, and some link changes (v.3.05). 
14.06.03: Rated 4 out of 5 'Disks' at Global Shareware (v.3.04e)
13.06.03: Rated 5 stars at UKWares.com (v. 3.04d)
27.05.03: Rated 5 out of 5 at BrotherSoft.com (v. 3.04c)
19.05.03: 5-star rating at Shareup.com (yppi!) and one more nice statement in 'Comments' (v.3.04b)
17.05.03: 5 star award (Sofotex.com) and 5-star award (TopShareware.com) to my little card game (v.3.04)
08.05.03: Added info about 'Mah Jongg Klondike' and four Webrings (v.3.03)
05.05.03: Added AliceJongg, the Mac version of SMG card set to Mike's Cards and link to SoxKat (v.3.02)
03.05.03: Sarah Michelle Gellar Solitaire 1.01 (minor update; corrected some German terms), new version of Easy Memory, new info. about as-Memory, added Buffy .rkp card set by Jennifer Warren (v.3.01) 

01.05.03: New name, new URL, new design and a lot more content. A second .rkp card set, and card sets to Bikini Solitaire
(Wyvern), Mike's Cards, SolKan Solitaire. Tile sets to Kyodai MahJongg and to four Moraff Mahjongg games. Memory card sets to as-Memory, Double Cards, Easy Memory and Cyber Memory. A second and third card set to the Buffy java online game. 25 jigsaw puzzles. Several Solitaire collections available for online playing. Lucy Lawless ('Xena') .rkp and WizSolitaire card sets. And 'Sarah Michelle Gellar Solitaire 1.00' - a simple Klondike card game (v.3.00)


12.09.02: Membership in "Sarah Michelle Gellar : Eternal Flame Webring". Updated info. about new version of as-Solitaire and Wiz Solitaire. Two more in Comments page. What I'm working on in Wanted! page. Removed direct download link of nearly all games because of limited space (2.13)

02.07.02: Membership in "High Stakes: The Buffy the Vampire Slayer Webring" and link to the other Buffy Java Solitaire game on the 'Card Games' website (see Play Online) and some cosmetic changes (2.12).
09.06.02: Changed information for as-Solitaire on the Games page (2.11)
09.06.02: Play 'Buffy - the vampire Slayer' online (Java applet). Wanted page made (2.1)
06.06.02: URL to as-Solitaire (bug fix), xBuffyLogo from bmp to gif (bug fix), Pricelessware 2002 instead of 2001 (new) (2.02) 
05.06.02: A collection of site errors and bugs fixed....Name of authors and links to the two Hardwood Solitaire decks added (2.01)

04.06.02: Whole new design for the site. Info, screenshots, downloads of card set / decks for AS Games, Solitaire City and Hardwood Solitaire II. Guest book, counters and other enhancements (2.0). 

20.05.02: Added information about as-Solitaire v.6 and John Bickers Patience 1.01 and the rkp card set for Eliza Dushku (1.1). 

17.05.02: 1.st edition of site. Info, card sets, and screenshots of WizSolitaire and REKO's Klondike Deluxe.

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