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This website is dedicated to the actress Sarah Michelle Gellar ('Buffy Summers' in the television series 'Buffy - the vampire slayer') and playing solitaire games with pictures of her.

The website was made with the help of Front Page 2000 (and later edited with NVU) and Kompozer, Xara WebStyle 3.0, Paint Shop Pro 7.02 and IrfanView.

The website had a simple start on the 17th of May 2002 with only one page and a card sets for WizSolitaire and a .rkp card set. The name was 'Sarah Michelle Gellar Card Set'. In June it became a site (frames) and had card sets for seven different Solitaire card games. Then the bear (me) went into an early hibernation and did not wake up before April 2003. Then he worked hard and made card sets for more Solitaire games, tile sets for solitaire MahJongg games, and card sets for Memory card games and a little Klondike card game called 'Sarah Michelle Gellar Solitaire 1.00'. The website was moved and renamed to 'Sarah Michelle Gellar Solitaire' and launched as v.3.0 on Thursday the 1st of May 2003. Only regular site maintenance since then.
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More games with the ability to create your own sets or decks with your own pictures.
  • Solitaire card games
  • Mahjong solitaire games
  • Memory card games
  • Slot machine games
I would really be grateful to anyone who could tell me where to find more games with this ability.

I'm hoping to make card sets / decks for the following games:
Solitaire: SolSuite 2003, Hardwood Solitaire III, PySol, Pretty Good Solitaire
MahJongg: Amazing MahJongg 3D, Mike's Cards (new 140x200 card set), Pretty Good MahJongg
Memory: Concentration 3.0 (Galleus), Cardwar, Memory 2.1 (Amanita), Visual Impact
Slot machines: Slot Machine 98, My Reels
Other card games: Wutch, Rummi, WinJack / 4Flush

But don't hold your breath... :-)

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